We are a company dedicated to the automation of manufacturing processes within the packaging and packaging industry.

We are SUPERSPECIALIZED in the manufacture of machines for the placement of packaged products of all kinds in exhibitor strips (ristras, lotteries, etc.), in a fully automatic process.


We work for the whole world and we are in constant contact with each one of our clients to guarantee the quality of all the phases of the development of the projects.

Why choose us?

More than 20 years of experience

Our experience of more than 20 years in J.Oliva Special Projects, enables us to have high manufacturing standards and short deadlines.

More than 200 customers

More than 200 customers guarantee our professionalism and the reliability of our equipment. We have specialized professionals dedicated to the needs of our clients.

Only manufacturers worldwide

We are the only company that has managed to solve the problem of the end of lines, managing to place product packaged in laminated display strips (lotteries).

Fast amortization of machines

We manufacture high productivity equipment, which achieves a rapid amortization that never exceeds 2 years.


Frequent questions

You can place any type of product packed, whether solid or liquid (snacks, goodies, soups, shampoos, etc.).

There is no limit, as the machines are designed and manufactured to measure, as needed.

Of course, since we design and manufacture the necessary transfers to transfer the product from the packers to the machine, or machines, placing the product in strips.

The production of the machine is subject to the production of the packer, so that it is aligned with it.

The material can be laminated cardboard or plastic and the dimensions adapted to the product to be placed.