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About us

About us

We are a company dedicated to the automation of production processes in the packaging industry.

We are specialized in the production of machines to place packed products on all kinds of exhibitor strips using an automated process.

J. Oliva Special Projects stands out among the other companies of the market because it is the only one that produces this kind of machines worldwide, with international projects and patents.

We work day by day in the development of the most state of the art techniques for our machines’ production. We have our own high technological technic department that works on design, production and post-sales services. Our desire to improve and satisfy our clients drives us to offer the best product in the market as well as especific solutions for every type of industry.

Track record of more than 20 years

We are unique worldwide in this type of machinery.

Big brands trust us

Our quality makes large multinationals work with our products.

Professional and multi-skilled

The best quality special machinery and display strips of the market.

With a track record of +20 years, J. Oliva Special Projects has outstanding production standards which allow our clients to have a ROI (Return of investment) of our machines of less than one year.

Our production process exclusively uses high quality materials and exclusive brands available in many countries: FESTO-SMC-SIEMENS, ALLEN BRADLEY, OMRON and KEYENCE, among others.

We operate worldwide and we are in touch with every single one of our clients to fully guarantee the quality of all the stages of the projects’ development.

J. Oliva Special Projects is located in Barcelona, Spain, one of the worldwide pioneer hubs in technological development. Our company identity mimetises with that of our location, always offering the lastest technology in our solutions for both small-medium companies and multinational corporations.